Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Panera Bread free deals tomorrow

Tomorrow Panera Bread is giving away free coffee with breakfast samples. I guess some of the breakfast samples are grilled breakfast sandwiches and also yogurt parfait.

I usually don't go to Panera anymore because you can't customize your cafe lattes like you can at Starbucks. Panera Bread is awesome, don't get me wrong here...but the calories at this place can set you back. I try to save this place for a splurge day. The bagels range anyway from 290 calories to over 430 in yumminess. Here is their link to check out on all nutritional information http://www.panerabread.com/pdf/nutr-guide.pdf

Some quick and easy recipes to make mock Panera Bread items.

Yogurt Parfait = A quick and easy yogurt parfait that I make is 1/c cup of fiber one, 1/2 cup of thawed strawberries (place in mic for about 15-25 secs), and 1/2 cup of fat Dannon Lit N' Fit vanilla yogurt. Add a dash of cinnamon and you are set. Calories are roughly around 140 calories and can be used as a snack or light breakfast.

Breakfast Sandwich = 100 calorie English muffin (you could even use some toasted low calorie bread like Auntie Millie's), 1/4 cup of egg beaters, 2-4 pieces of turkey bacon. You can go ahead and add a little ketchup or salsa to your English muffin. Also there is the option to add slice of fat free cheese or even laughing cow cheese wedge.

Coffee = I recently purchased a coffee grinder and also buy my coffee beans in bulk from Sam's Club. My preferred coffee beans are Starbucks coffee beans. I don't add anything to my coffee except some Splenda. Some suggestions to add in your coffee is Almond Breeze milk.

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