Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some of my top tips and ideas

My top 10 current snacks that I am in love with:

1. Rice cake (vanilla my favorite) with sugar free pudding on top
2. Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt Vanilla flavor (1/2 cup) with Fiber One (1/2 cup) with some berries on top. Also add some cinnamon
3. Fiber One bars (chocolate, peanut butter are my favorites)
4. Kashi bars (all of them!)
5. Pb2 peanut butter with apple slices
6. Fudgicles
7. Baby carrots with salsa
8. Diet hot chocolate with an orange
9. Boca burger with pickle on the side
10. Turkey slices with pickle

Top 10 fast food choices:
1. Subway - 6in roast beef on wheat, no cheese, mustard with all veggies (290 cals before veggies)
2. Chic-fil-A Southwestern Grilled Salad with fat free italian or no dressing (240 cals without dressing)
3. Chic-fil-A Chargrilled chicken sandwhich with medium size fruit cup (330 cals)
4.McDonald's ice cream cone (150 cals)
5. Zero's turkey and cheese 6"sub (301 with no cheese or vinger and oil)
6.Quizno's honey bourbon small sub (320 calories with dressing)
7. Arby's Melt (278) with small onion petals (248)
8. Penn Station Turkey Dagwood without cheese (242 cals)
9. Sonic jr Oreo sundae (150 calories and it is on the new $1 menu)
10.Panera Bread full size Asian Seasame Chicken Salad (410 calories)


  1. the McDonalds ice cream is more hurtful to YOUR CAR than your waistline! not good!

  2. Yeah yeah yeah, lol I still love the ice cream cones all the same.