Thursday, January 22, 2009

My progress photos

I started Weight Watchers in August 2005. I hit my all time heaviest at my nephew's birthday party in June 2004. This was before I joined a gym as well. Now I weighed myself around this time frame on this super cheap Rite Aid scale and it showed me about 200 pounds. I think I was heavier than that. This photo is funny to me because the fact I was drinkin' an Ultra Light Beer!!

This photo was probably at my very thinnest in April 2006. This was before I really rediscovered alcohol and really enjoying eating back out with friends and family after weight watchers. This photo I was probably just at 140.

This is me currently (right before Christmas 2008) before a work Christmas party. My weight varies back and forth and I have really made a decision the end of last year not to weight myself anymore. I fell into the trap of the scale would rule my day and mood. I try to weigh myself about once a month and also check my weight based on my clothes and pictures.


  1. Wow, that first photo. I don't even remember you looking like that.

  2. LoL Yeah tell me about it. You should see pics of Norm too. Also you have to remember that was right after we got done driving truck and had been out of the military for about 7 months.

  3. I love your first photo just because we lQQk like freakin TWINS in it! lol! When we are both skinny we don't look like twins!

    Wanted to ask you, do you have a smoothie maker or a magic bullet kind of blender? I always have several blenders/smoothie makers but I finally just went out and bought a magic bullet type blender AND IT'S AWESOME! I've been making mocha fraps with Almond Breeze (54 cals for 8oz), ice, powder coffee creamer, splenda/equal, and a splash torsonie (sp?) sugar free syrup... turns out SOOO YUMMY.. and now with this new blender I'm making it RIGHT IN THE GLASS so no guess work on if I'm making too much to fill the glass (or not enough) and one less dish to wash!