Thursday, January 22, 2009

X Style!

I love working out plain and simple. I have talked to many people about working out and I get the same question, "What gym do you go to?" I answer simply, I don't go to any gym. Then I get the errrghhh WHAT???! Ok, let me explain. I first got back into fitness in 2004. My first real gym membership (besides when I was in the Army) was Bally's Total Fitness. My problem with Bally's was the fact I was at the older style Bally's gym and they were horrid. Then I joined Gold's Gym when they were building in the area where I use to live in Ohio. This was the start of an amazing gym. They have a cardio fitness theater, indoor track, basketball court, spinning room, women's only fitness area, weights upstairs and downstairs, and so much more. Before this Gold's Gym actually open there was some problems with the owner or something or other and they had to change the gym to Urban Active. This was no big deal because I could keep the same price. After we moved to VA it was hard to find a job and my apartment complex has a gym (really crappy one at that) up front near the rental office. I decided to save the money and use what I have already. I had purchased a Space Saver Elliptical trainer back in 2007 due to my new clinical hours when I was in school. Anyways, I decided to finally bust this bad boy out again. I now use my elliptical trainer everyday for about 40 mins while watching TV. Good way to get fit and watch my latest shows (thanks Tivo!!)

My other form of exercise is another great creation by Tony Horton. P90X. I am currently in the more advanced stages of P90X which is called P90X PLUS! So what is P90X ?? P90X consist of about 12 DVD workout programs. Based on the day and the week of program you do one of the DVDS. Now the workouts aren't your typical DVD workout videos with the stick thin girl screaming high pitched at you to move your ass. Nope, p90X is Tony with about 2-3 other people sweating their hot ripped bods off. The great thing about this DVD is you will be sore and requires minimal equipment. All you really need is the DVDs, pull up bar, and either resistant bands or weights. I use to use the bands until I came across an awesome deal on Craigslist for BowFlex Select Tech dumbbells. Check out the site at They also have other fitness programs for people who aren't P90x ready. I have actually taken P90x on vacation with me to Europe. I pop the DVD inside my laptop and worked out.

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