Monday, January 26, 2009

Give me a beer, bit%h!

Beer! It is either you love it or you hate. I have become a huge lover of beer and had the chance to try so many. The bad thing about beer is if you like to get drunk or drink a few here and there the calories can add up. Let's put it to you this way, if you want nice flavorful beer with taste you are going to expect the calories. If you want to get drunk and want to drink a lot you are probably better off going with lower calories beers.
Some of my favorite low calorie beers are: Bud Select (99 calories), MGD 64 (64 calories), Beck's Premium Light (64 cals), Bud Light (110 calories), Michelob Ultra (95 cals), and Yuengling Light (98 cals).
Also when I get mixed drinks I stick with diet soda for all my drinks. I usually have a diet with vodka. The problem with using diet in your mixed drinks is it causes the stomach to empty faster and go to the bloodstream much faster. This equals getting drunk way faster.
All in all, if you are going to drink alcohol while dieting it can cause you to eat more food than you normal do. So be careful if you drink and be more careful when you drink and eat.

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