Monday, January 12, 2009

To help out

My first posting will be a basic story of my dieting history. The heaviest I have ever weighed was about 200 pounds and that is the highest I saw on my mom's dollar store scale. So the world may never know the true weight of Amanda. I had been overweight my whole kid and teen life. Finally back in 2005, I did it! I joined Weight Watchers (w.w.) and the weight dropped off me. When I joined w.w. back in 2005 I weighed in at 190 pounds and the less that I ever weighed (this was naked in my apartment at the end of a perfect weight watcher week) was 138 pounds. So where is my weight now you ask? I am weighing in around 145 or so. I still enjoy eating normal food, alcohol, cookies, etc. I just have to keep certain foods out of my apartment or I will overindulge. I make replacement type of foods when I have craving. So when I crave pizza I will take a tortilla and load it up with pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni, fat free cheese and bake. Or even better I will take a huge portabella mushroom and top with pizza sauce and turkey pepperoni. I have had many people ask me for advice and suggestions. So I am making this blog to help maybe someone out.

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