Thursday, January 15, 2009

Red Lobster

My husband and I had our official date night last night. We went to dinner and a movie. On New Years Eve we got a special pass to see a sneak preview of Mall Cop out in VA Beach. So we figured we would take advantage of this free sneak preview. It was hard to officially decide on where we were going to eat till we managed to make it out to the theater. This was due to traffic and time. So based on all that we managed to decide on Red Lobster. I was happy on this choice because I knew I could eat pretty healthy. A. Due to it being seafood B. Red Lobster has a lightchoice menu and C. I could always use my Calorieking book that I keep in my purse. So I start to find the Lighthouse menu as soon as we sit down to officially decide on what I want. Our waitress hurries over to take our drink order.

Waitress::: Oh, I see you found our lightchoice menu. There are so many healthy choices. We also have the fresh fish menu as well which are always your best bet. They coincide with the lightchoice menu.

Me::: Huh??? Ohh yeah I know, I always order off this menu. (rolling my eyes).

Waitress::: (still smiling) That is great! So what drinks can I start you off with??

So after we finish up our delicious meals. I had gotten the rainbow trout (half order), broccoli, side salad with dressing on side, and a baked potato with pico de gallo. Ohh and I should mentioned I ate two of their yummy cheddar biscuits. I have been known back in the day to inhale over 6 of these bad boys. The waitress comes back to the table.

Waitress: Could I interest you in dessert?

Me: Nope!

Waitress: Well I didn't think so, because we wouldn't want to ruin that discipline! (hands the check and walks off)

Me:: Huh!? (I look at my husband) Ugggh this girl is nuts. Why couldn't we have dessert?

It bothers me that just because I order off the lighthouse menu it is because I am on a diet for the new years. How many other people have come in here doing the same this month? I feel like they are copying off me for something I have been doing for 3 plus years. The same applies to all the people we get gym memberships or just start to reuse their memberships after the New Year which causes overcrowding at the gym till the end of January. Don't get me wrong, people should diet and exercise. But don't do it because it is a new year or a work contest. Do it for yourself and that is the only true way you can be successful.

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