Sunday, February 1, 2009

Who is ready for some FOOOTTBALLL!!!

I am by all means not a football fan. I don't mind really any other sports but I found football super boring. My husband is quite shocked I even know some football players names. Damn Jessica Simpson. Maybe she should be reading my blog due to her new plump figure.

Today in light of the Superbowl I made BBQ burger pizza for 250 calories exactly. How is this possible??

1 La Tortilla Factory wrap (there wraps vary in calories and flavors, I had a 80 calorie one)

1/4 cup of fat free cheddar cheese (45 cals)

2 tablespoons of Budweiser BBQ sauce (35 calories)

2/3 cup of morning star crumble (80 calories)

1 oz of jalapenos(5 cals)

1 oz of banana peppers (5 cals)

Dash of Tabascos sauce, red crushed peppers, and any other spicy seasoning I have.

I also made a small side salad with tomatoes and cucumbers to enjoy my yummy baked pizza with.

I am a huge La Tortilla Factory fan. I have used these wraps to make tuna wraps, cucumber and hummus pizza, turkey pepperoni pizza, tuna pizza, chicken salad wraps. OH the possibilities are end less. Here is there site,

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