Friday, February 13, 2009

Running = food??

Last night I met a friend from my running group for a run on the VA Beach boardwalk. This boardwalk round trip is about 5.3 miles! We did the whole thing in less than 50 mins...we started to walk for a min and when we reached one end we walked for like a minute before completed the whole run. Now if I run with other people I tend to be a talker...not sure why. Anyway afterwards I was hungry since it was close to 7pm and I needed to eat dinner. I made my way to this bar/restaurant called H20 bar and Grill to meet some friends. It was funny because this place is actually online and I glanced their menu earlier that afternoon. Here is their menu, I was proud of myself and didn't pig out on super fatty bar food. I chose the blackened tuna bites with chili ailoi sauce with one taco (they were 75 cents on Thursday) and two bud selects. The other thing that sucked was the fact the tuna bites were 8 dollars!! Now I thought I did decent compared to what I usually get when I am there. I roughly figured about 700-800 calories. Good thing for me I burned about 592 calories while running. :)

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